Whether you’re orchestrating a scientific symposium or an annual association assembly, each gathering holds its own distinctiveness and necessitates a sturdy groundwork to ensure triumph. To guarantee your conference aligns with your objectives, purposes, and distinctive logistical prerequisites, you require an established collaborator with expertise in your domain, someone who can assist in devising strategies and coordinating all facets of your forthcoming event. This is precisely where MindMendMedia excels.

With over a decade of dedication to overseeing conferences for various multi-disciplinary associations and psychoanalytic and medical establishments, MindMendMedia possesses a unique aptitude to aid you in formulating strategies that will elevate your conference to new heights. Serving as your enduring ally, we attentively listen to your aspirations, collaborate with your committees, and draw insights from historical data and our global affiliations to establish a robust foundation that will catalyze your conference. Additionally, we harness cutting-edge tools and technologies to streamline the process of event management. From a centralized database encompassing all attendees, and transparent financial records, to historical profiling, promotional resources, and customized conference planning handbooks — our services offer the astute strategies and resources indispensable for orchestrating a conference that stands as an indisputable accomplishment.


For all conferences (virtual, in-person, and hybrid):

  • Conference design and development (in collaboration with the event organizer company)
  • Planning timeline and management
  • Social media, sponsor, and advertising programs and fulfillment
  • Audio visual / webcasting
  • Schedule presentations
  • Speaker logistic management (pre-conference communications, back-up video recording, onsite check-in, and slide collection)
  • Continuing education accreditation
  • Scholarship programs
  • Post-conference follows up and evaluations
  • Database management
  • Statistical analysis

In addition to the above, for in-person conferences, we offer:

  • Travel award programs
  • Meals and social functions
  • Onsite staffing and volunteer coordination